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Marét Mouton

Business Management and Administration


Hello and welcome! My name is Marét. I have been working in business management and administration for 9 years and have honed my skills in organizational strategy, managing operations, building and maintaining relationships, computer and software literacy, calendar management, travel coordination, office/event logistics, and (my favorite) motivating a team towards achieving shared goals and objectives!


The opportunities that I have taken in the hospitality, legal, and now technical industry have also honed my skills in analytics, quality assurance, data management, and cross-functional communication. I believe in working collaboratively! Working with a diverse group of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds inspires me. I enjoy driving creativity and welcoming collaboration with other teams to achieve business goals. I love to grow relationships within teams and with key organizational influencers. I also find building relationships with external partners both exciting and engaging!


I am passionate about this "behind the scenes" work as it is extremely impactful, and making a strong impact is one of the most meaningful things to me. I am excited to connect and hear more about you, your team, and your organization!

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Projects and Recognitions

Aside from utilizing my skills as a business manager and administrative partner, working with my partners at Google, KRW Law, and Marriott International has given me many wonderful opportunities to take part in a variety of projects. Here are a few of them!

  • Created agendas for, and led, team meetings.

  • Planned and conducted 8 trainings for new hires.

  • Led 45 release mailout projects - mailout of between 500 - 9,000 clients per mailout, 42 outstanding release call projects resulting in an average 87.98% return, 36 outstanding release mailout projects resulting in an average 92.33% return, and 24 return to sender projects resulting in an average 92.98% return.

  • Led a bi-monthly inclusive yoga class for team members.

  • Created a new design for proposals to send to potential clients.

  • Created multiple project post-mortem documents and references.

Here are a few of my milestones!​

  • Received Quality Excellence Award for implementing processes of quality assurance during my Google partnership.

  • Appointed to Person of Culture for my team during my Google partnership.

  • Selected to join the Experience Operations team during my Google partnership.

  • Selected to join Google Chat Support and Candidate Support teams actioning urgent technical issues.

  • Partnered with team members to tackle the largest mailout KRW Lawyers had seen - 20,000+ clients.

  • Designed and implemented a new system of processing releases with KRW Lawyers.

  • Received the Pinnacle Award for signing up an average of 58 guests per month for Starwood (now Marriott Bonvoy) memberships. 

  • Received the Award of Gratitude for implementing team building sessions - between 1 to 2 per month with an average feedback rating of 93.33% of strong communication and team bond.

  • Promoted from Front Office Operations Manager to Sales Coordinator with Marriott International.


To hear more about my projects and recognitions, and to share some of yours, please send me an email or schedule a chat - I am excited to connect with you!

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